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Remove the guesswork of innovation with repeatable processes and tools that your team can use to integrate innovation into the fabric of your workflow.

Unleash the art of
the possible

Understand team dynamics and effective problem decomposition so that you can brainstorm, generate concepts, and quickly validate them. 

De-risk innovation for serious ROI

Learn techniques to validate ideas early so that investments are tied to outcomes.  Focus your energy and dollars on effective programs.

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Teams love our Mastercourse (when else do you play with legos at work?) but we have lots of tricks up our sleeve.

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Need to solve a big, specific problem? Let us facilitate your team to rethink, reframe, and find solutions


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I am thrilled to be part of building this for [my company] and instilling a deeper culture of innovation that becomes part of our process. And plus, I feel like I finally got to know some of my cross-functional team.

Luke L.

The fact that [my organization] brought in some expert firepower shows that we value innovation and our employees. I feel like Pandora's box has been opened.

Paula S.

This has been the most worthwhile workshop of my career. I am already incorporating the tools into my workflow and even my personal life!

Terence K.


About the creators:

Your Innovation Coaches

Chelsie Hall

Chelsie is a product manager and systems junkie who believes that good design really can solve the world’s problems.  Chelsie is the co-founder of Corvos Labs and Venture Studio, where she works with organizations to build up their innovation and future-casting capabilities. She teaches innovation and design thinking bootcamps and specializes in helping teams to realize their creative potential. She holds a masters degree in Innovation from Carnegie Mellon University, and she has taught design thinking courses around the world.  She most recently had the opportunity to teach design thinking to founders in Doha, Qatar at CMU's Quick Startup event.

Connyre Corbett

Connyre is the CCO & co-founder of Corvos Labs and Venture Studio, as well as the founder and creator of several user research and empathy initiatives. Connyre is driven by the desire to understand people, and she specializes in communication design. She has a keen ability to identify unmet and unvoiced user needs. Connyre works in user experience and design for complex systems, and she employs a storytelling technique influenced by several years in the film industry. You can find her prototyping and creating just about anything she can find the materials for when she's not behind a computer.





Corvos Labs is an innovation and design strategy think tank that works with organizations to help them cut through complex challenges to create a bright future, maximizing their potential.  Beyond our creative services, we offer capacity building courses and bootcamps, teaching teams to be design-thinking practitioners and innovation ninjas.  


We have worked across industries with startups, government organizations, think tanks and Fortune 500 companies to hone ideas, spur creativity, navigate complexity and help build groundswells of creativity that spark their “next big thing”.  

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