Journey Styles

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You are pioneering the data that will back the library of personal & professional development recommendations, helping the best creative problem solving teams in the world to grow, collaborate, and excel.

What are Journey Styles of Creative Problem Solving™?

You’ve done personality typing before, maybe for your personal or for your professional life. But maybe, like so many others, you may have found it was a little like a horoscope. Yeah, that’s true… Sometimes? 

Journey Styles is a tendency typing system for the creative problem solving process, specifically built by innovation experts to help you understand where you tend to stand on a scale—because you’re an agile, flexible person who reacts to the people, situations, and jobs before you, not an archetype void of complexity. No tendency (or lean) is right or wrong, but a certain lean may be beneficial to embrace depending on a situation.

Knowing where you and, sometimes more importantly, where your teammates tend to stand, can help you to anticipate needs, grow into roles, and uplevel as a creative problem solver. Journey Styles can help you recognize when a situation calls for you to stretch and then know how to do it.

The goal of Journey Styles is to make your team a more dynamic, actualized group of problem solvers who have the agility and awareness to collaborate in different situations, for different types of problem solving. Our ever changing world is calling on you to move fast. We are here to help you dig into your potential so that you can run with the leaders.

Journey Styles assesses your multidimensional tendencies during a creative problem solving process within a team so you can learn how to uplevel.


What to expect:

The following assessment consists of 4 sections, 60 questions and should take about 20 minutes to complete. The last section will ask you some additional questions for our own data.


As this is a pilot of this assessment, each question includes a text box for you to make a note if the question presents some difficulty or requires more/less nuance. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Your answers are completely confidential and will not be shared.


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